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What we believe.

At Mama Fit we believe bodies are designed to move, of course they are. Unfortunately, due to our modern way of life, we’ve lost some of our abilities to move as freely as we ought to. Because of that, we must take that first step on the journey towards whatever our goal is. That first step is to teach the body how to move properly again. That’s what we are here to do.

We know many of you have never used equipment like squat racks and barbells before, we know it’s scary and the fear of hurting yourself is understandable. We have coached hundreds of people to squat, lift and press effectively and efficiently already and, guess what, we can coach you next!

We will coach you step by step, from the ground up, to build the foundations of movement the body needs to become the strongest most effective version of itself, ready for you to take the next step towards your goal.

Squat Lift Press – Beginner Linear Progression

At MAMA FIT we believe it is our duty to coach each and every member the fundamental movement patterns that the body is designed to perform.

These fall into the categories of Squat, Lift and Press. We will coach you these fundamental movements, scalable to everyone and anyone. The movements you will learn are the Squat, the Deadlift and the Overhead Press. We have taught girls aged 16 to 85 and of all different shapes and sizes how to do this, so we know we can coach you as well!

This is the foundation of our 4-6 week ‘Beginner Linear Progression’ programme designed to embed those fundamental movement patterns in the body.

You will feel stronger, more confident and more capable in just 4-6 weeks. That is the foundation that we are setting for you. Your body will become primed for taking that next step on your journey to achieving your goal!

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